ReyHan PGF and Mandel/Screentech Combine

ReyHan/Mandel LLC will produce color separations and films at its Milwaukee, WI location.

ReyHan PGF and Mandel/Screentech recently announced that they are joining forces to better serve the prepress needs of the screen and flexo industry. ReyHan and Mandel have produced prepress materials for more than 50 years. The newly combined company, ReyHan/Mandel LLC, will produce color separations films from its Milwaukee, WI location.

“We are excited to be able to offer our clients the technology ReyHan has provided for years, combined with Mandel’s continued dedication to plotting large-format, high-resolution film,” says Rick Mandel, president of ReyHan/Mandel LLC.

ReyHan/Mandel will “utilize G7 standards for film production and proofing,” he continues. “G7 is now a mainstay in the industry, and our goal is to create enhanced graphics for film production that will provide superior print files to be utilized in direct to screen/plate and plotted film applications. We certainly plan on providing image set film via thae Gigasetter for years to come, and are dedicated to advance the generation of graphic files that will make printing more repeatable, efficient, and profitable.”

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