RhinoTech's System for Creating Rhinestone Transfers

System includes printers for transferring to dark- or light-colored garments.

Garment decorators can add rhinestones to digitally printed heat transfers on either light or dark apparel using the company’s heat presses and transfer papers. To add rhinestones to dark apparel, the user would first print the graphic on the firm’s RT 33DC DayBold SunAngel printer, which can print fluorescent and white colors, onto RT SunAngel DARK heat-transfer paper and transfer it to the garment. (For light apparel, the company’s Single Step transfer sheet would be used.) Next, the user would cut a rhinestone transfer sheet to size, position it over the printed shirt, place parchment paper on top, and transfer the rhinestones using the firm’s RT DK20S swing-away heat-transfer press. The system will work on all fabrics regardless of height, according to the company.

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