ROQ Introduces Tunnel Conveyor Dryer

Offering a range of customizable options.

The new ROQ Tunnel is a customizable conveyor dryer for automatic screen printing lines. Available exclusively in North America through Ryonet, the Tunnel allows users to tailor the following features to suit their individual shop’s needs:

Belt width (ranging from 38 to 71 in.). The belt can also be split into variable widths, each with independent speed and direction controls;
Heat chamber size (ranging from 10 to 30 ft). The chamber delivers continuous heat, and the infeed and outfeed lengths range from 5 ft to as long as needed;
• And power options, including natural gas, propane, electricity, or a combination of gas and electricity. Users can also add a proprietary heat exchanger designed to reduce scorching, and infeed and outfeed fan hoods to reduce ambient shop heat.

Additional features include high-density Rockwool panels for thermal insulation; an axial flow fan for constant hot air circulation; an air purification filter for the burner; and an internal exhaust header system in each module. A dual-burner model with heat exchanger is optional.

The dryer also includes a digital temperature display and contact temperature control; the system recalls job types and offers maintenance reminders. The max. selectable temperature is 392 F.

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