Rotary-Screen-Engraving System

Stork Prints B.V.

Those who use rotary screen presses may benefit from Helios 6010, a new laser-engraving system from Stork Prints. Helios works in flexo, letterpress, and rotary-screen shops. In the latter, it's designed specifically for RotaMesh welded nickel cylinders. Helios makes the rotary screens press-ready immediately after engraving. Screen preparation consists of emulsion coating and end-ring applications. Helios 6010 supports imaging resolutions up to 2540 dpi and surface speeds up to 59 ft/sec (18 m/sec), and it allows screen printers to engrave without the need for rasterization. The system accommodates RotaMesh screens up to 30 in. (762 mm) long

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