Ryonet and Partners Launch Allmade Apparel

A sustainably sourced brand benefiting Haitian workers, global orphans.

Ryonet and a group of 10 founding partners have launched Allmade Apparel, a blank T-shirt brand crafted from sustainably sourced materials and founded to benefit orphans around the world.

The project began when Zac McCarthy of Go Exchange, a division of the Global Orphan Project, approached Ryan Moor, CEO and founder of Ryonet, at an  industry tradeshow. McCarthy was looking for a partner for his T-shirt initiative benefitting orphans around the globe. “Wow – a T-shirt that could change the world before it even was printed,” Moor says of his initial reaction. Another goal of the initiative was to pay Haitian workers a livable wage.

The brand has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an initial production run of 67,000. The cotton and tri-blend shirts are produced with American-grown cotton, polyester made from recycled bottles, and modal (a sustainable alternative to rayon). They will be sewn in a Haitian factory where workers are paid five times the national average. Proceeds benefit the Global Orphan Project.

Patrons can claim a number of “perks” in return for their donations, including blank and screen-printed shirts, screen printing course discounts, a “screen printer for a day” experience, a trip to Haiti, and the opportunity to name an Allmade shirt color. Allmade expects to begin shipping products in May 2017.

Allmade partners include Barrel Maker Printing, Pirate Ninja Printshop, Superior Ink Printing, Nothing Too Fancy, Printed Threads, Maui Screen Printing, SandiLake Clothing, Denver Print House, and Synergy Media.

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