Ryonet Launches Automated Vacuum Exposure Unit

Introducing a new edition of the X-Vactor.

Ryonet has launched a new iteration of its X-Vactor Automated Vacuum Exposure Unit. The tabletop series now includes a standard digital timer, powder-coated steel construction, and an EC power cord port with easy on/off access. The unit features an increased number of high-output UV CFL bulbs compatible with dual-cure and photopolymer emulsions. The machine also features optically clear, tempered glass designed to allow more than 99% of UV light through without wavelength disruption. UV-safe yellow bulbs are included for light-safe screen setup and review.

Additional features include a flexible, durable rubber vacuum blanket; heavy-duty gas shocks; adjustable vacuum lid clamps; an oil-free vacuum pump; a nylon rope that allows air movement between the blanket and frame; and Ryonet’s Preregistration Template Transparency and 21 Step Exposure Calculator. Max. exposure area is 23 x 33 in.

Max. frame size is 25 x 36 in.

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