Ryonet Offers Postpress Automation Options

Designed to fold, sort, and package all types of apparel.

Ryonet has released the ROQfold, ROQstack, and ROQpack to automate the folding, stacking, and packing of garments.

ROQfold, run with one operator, can fold up to 800 garments/hour, with bulk folding of up to six garments possible. ROQfold is designed to work with all sizes, styles, and fabric types, including short sleeve, long sleeve, fleece, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, and pants ranging from infant to adult 4XL sizes. It can also be used with slippery fabrics such as rayon and 100% polyester.

Once shirts are folded, a conveyor belt moves them to either the ROQpack bagging unit or the ROQstack boxing unit. The ROQpack’s poly bags feature a resealable lip and hold up to six pieces. Operators choose the specific bag size at the control panel; the machine creates the correct size for each job. Bags are printable.

The ROQstack allows garments to be placed in boxes, with up to 24 garments per box. Labeling and metal detection are available.

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