Ryonet Offers Riley500 Manual Presses

Featuring lighter hardware, and more.

Ryonet has announced the new generation of Riley Hopkins Riley500 manual presses. Additions to the new series include a 3-in. diameter post for added strength and storage, and a 25% lighter print station assembly than the previous models.

The Riley500 series is designed to accept the same honeycomb aluminum platens that are used with the Roq automatic presses distributed by Ryonet.

Left and right anti-flip/anti-backlash Roq x-y-z microregistration knobs are engineered for simpler, faster setup. A bearing-style bolt has also been added for easier locking into the registration gate, while a two-point screen-locking system is designed for continuous registration throughout long runs.

Each printhead is equipped with a back center knob for tool-free, off-contact adjustment, a front center knob for adjusting tilt, and right and left lever final tilt locks.

Heavy-duty back clamps are included; side clamps are optional. The series is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-color models.

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