Ryonet Reveals Riley Hopkins 300 Manual Press

Includes anti-flip plate, two-point roller gates, and more.

Ryonet has released the Riley Hopkins 300 manual press, available in: six-color/four-station, four-color/four-station, and eight-color/six-station configurations. Features include level knobs designed to hold registration accurately while reducing wrist fatigue in the press operator, an anti-flip registration plate to maintain a screen’s angle and off-contact distance, heavy-duty leg levels, an adjustable base that can be raised up to 3 in., XY microregistration for precise adjustments, and a Z/tilt feature for streamlined off-contact and tilt setup. The press includes two-point roller gates engineered to reduce in-and-out movement and a redesigned screen clamp with an increased surface area to hold screens in place longer.

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