Screen-Exposure Unit

Lawson Screen & Digital Products, Inc.

The LED-5000 from Lawson (www.lawsonsp.com) is designed, as the company explains it, to simulate metal halide for rapid exposure (light equivalent to 5000 w) while combining energy efficiency, ease-of-use, and reliability. According to Lawson, the unit’s LED lamps are optically balanced to provide exceptionally rapid exposure, especially with SBQ 1-part emulsions, without undercutting. The company also notes that consistent exposure is guaranteed by the system’s electronic countdown timer. The unit’s vacuum frame features a black rubber-flex blanket formulated to resist tearing and pinholes, as well as a 1.25-hp vacuum motor. The hinged frame has a hydraulic gas lifter to facilitate raising and lowering. LED-5000 can accommodate screen formats (O.D.) ranging from 24 x 31 in. to 48 x 72 in. (610 x 787 mm to 1219 x 1830 mm).

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