Screen Making System

KIWO Inc.’s Screen Making System for Printing Water-based & Discharge Inks

KIWO offers an economical three-component screen making system that saves time and money, as it maximizes performance and workflow:
1) KIWOCOL 300 WR is one of the most water resistant emulsions on the market. Its high solids provide quick emulsion build-up and its high resolution allows printing of the finest details. KIWOCOL 300 WR is KIWO’s most economical water resistant emulsion.
2) BLOCKOUT WR is a high quality water resistant blockout used to touch up pinholes and block out screens. Using BLOCKOUT WR helps to get screens into production faster by eliminating the need to use emulsion for touching up screens, the most common current practice, which then needs to be re-exposed.
3) HARDENER WR is a stencil hardening fluid used to enhance the stencil’s water resistance. Unlike other stencil hardeners, stencils made with HARDENER WR remain completely reclaimable and is the most economical stencil hardener in KIWO’s line.


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