Semper International Reports 20-Percent Increase in Hiring

But, sales outlooks and capital investments drop.

Semper International has released the second quarterly survey of 2016, reporting mixed feelings on the state of the industry from its respondents. Participants include large, midsize, and small commercial printers, advertising agencies, and media companies.

Thirty percent of participants reported that their sales had increased in the past two weeks, while just over half said their sales had held steady during that time. Hiring rose 20 percent in Q2, and 36 percent of respondents said they will invest in new talent soon. Staff productivity was the primary concern among survey participants.

Semper also reports that overall sales outlooks dropped below the .500 mark and that capital investment rates fell to less than a third of the industry. And, the percentage of companies planning to expand into new segments dropped for the 12th consecutive month to 44 percent.

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