SGIA Committees Vote on New Leadership

Eight groups hold elections.

SGIA’s eight committees elected new officers at the annual Congress of Committees. The groups also met to discuss new strategies. New leadership includes:

Digital Textile and Décor Committee
• Chair: Ken Bach, Aberdeen Fabrics
• Secretary: Ralph Terramagra, Fisher Textiles

Industrial Applications Committee
• Chair: Steve Hatkevich, American Trim
• Secretary: Brent Moncrief, Fujifilm

Ink and Chemical Manufacturers Committee
• Chair: Neil Bolding, MacDermid Autotype
• Secretary: Danielle Rhodes, Wilfex Inks Manufacturing by PolyOne

Printed Electronics Committee
• Chair: Michael Emrich, Meto-Grafics
• Secretary: Edward Cook Jr., ECI Screen Print

Sustainability, Safety, Health, and Personnel Committee
• Chair: Paul Meek, Corman Synergy
• Secretary: Mike Compton, Top Value Fabrics

Garment Decorators Committee
• Chair: Greg Kitson, Mind’s Eye Graphics
• Secretary: Syd Northup, Gans Ink and Supply

Graphics Production Committee
• Chair: Brian Stransky, Acchroma
• Secretary: Bruce Ridge, Nazdar

Installers Committee
• Chair: Jim Miller, Miller Decals
• Secretary: Ron Gizzo, Visual Marking Systems

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