SGIA Expo: Rookie Dos and Don'ts

The crowd of 20,000 is a lot to take in for first-timers, but these tips will help you prepare.

The specialty imaging industry heads south this November for the 65th SGIA Expo, an annual tradition since 1948. With whispers of yet-to-be-seen direct-to-garment technology, the lure of burgeoning new industries, and more than 500 exhibitors clamoring for your investment, it’s best to arrive prepared. We spoke with five trusted consultants and Screen Printing contributors to glean some advice for first-time attendees:

  • Do come armed with a good plan and sense for what you are looking for. Don't fall into the deadly trap of buying more than you need for your business. – Mike Young, Imagetek Consulting
  • If there are people in your group, do assign them specific items to collect info on, so you can cover more ground. – Andy MacDougall, TMI Screenprinting Equipment
  • Do attend some training. You will never find a lower cost of focused education. – Mike Ruff, Mike Ruff Consulting 
  • As for purchases, don't wait until the last day hoping for a larger discount. – Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting  
  • Do bring a checkbook or make sure your Visa is fully charged, and don't be afraid to dicker a bit. Exhibitors would rather ship direct to you than take a machine home. – AM
  • Don't go for the cheapest product out there. Invest your money in a name-brand product from a dealer that will support you. – Steve Urmano, InfoTrends
  • Do leave plenty of time to see the entire show. You will see ideas for improving your production around every corner. One great idea can be worth thousands of dollars. – MR
  • It is now predicted that technology will be eight, 16, up to 32 times more advanced in the next five years. This means that you have to stay on top of improvements in technology every year. Don't miss the opportunity to do this. – MR

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