SGIA Releases 2015 Wage, Salary, and Sales Compensation Report

Explores management of 31 positions across imaging industry.

SGIA ( has released its 2015 Wage, Salary, and Sales Compensation Report, with details exploring company size, annual sales volume, payroll, specialty, and 2015 wages paid for 31 different positions within the imaging industry. Surveyed in April and May 2015, 197 participants reported that the median amount of direct payroll as a percentage of gross sales was nearly 28 percent.

Thirty-five percent of companies, which spanned the graphics and signage, garment decoration, industrial printing, and graphics installation industries, employed between 20 to 99 full-time staff. Approximately 80 percent of respondents said that they matched their employees’ retirement plan contribution, up to an average of 10 percent. Employers paid an average of 54 percent of their workers’ health insurance premiums.

Forty-four percent of companies employed in-house sales staff whose sole position was dedicated to sales; approximately 30 percent had sales staff who also performed other functions. About 20 percent had no sales staff.

The member-exclusive report also details sales compensation strategies, as well as average salaries for positions from general manager ($74,960) to graphic designer ($40,949).

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