Squeegee Sharpeners

A.W.T. World Trade designed the Sharper-Image line of diamond-wheel squeegee sharpeners

A.W.T. World Trade (www.awt-gpi.com) says it designed the Sharper-Image line of diamond-wheel squeegee sharpeners to offer superior performance and reliability. All models feature an oversized diamond-head cutting wheel that A.W.T. says reduces the number of revolutions needed for honing blades. According to the company, the unique design of the diamond-head wheel helps to minimize the heat buildup that distorts squeegee rubber. Floor models are available in six sizes, ranging from 48-144 in. (1219-3658 mm) and include a micro-gauge to indicate cutting depth, a built-in vacuum dust-removal system, and an adjustable camber control to pre-bow each individual squeegee blade to be honed. They also include a wheel-cooling and cleaning system with a 6-in. (1524-mm) diameter and a 220-grit, square-edge diamond cutting wheel. Table-top models are available in four sizes, ranging from 24-60 in. (609-1524 mm) and feature a 3-in. (762-mm) diameter, a 220-grit square-edge diamond wheel, an adjustable squeegee-clamping system, a spring-steel platform sliding of squeegees for uniform sharpening, vacuum removal system, and more.


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