Squeegees and Floodbars

Graphic Parts International Inc. has a wide array of squeegees and floodbars

Large manufacturer of screen printing equipment, parts, and specialty services Graphic Parts International, Inc. (G.P.I.) boasts the industry’s widest selection of squeegee and floodbars. This wide array of squeegees and floodbars fits most all brands of screen printing presses, all across the globe. G.P.I.’s winged-tip floodbar features solid, one-piece all construction to prevent breakage and separation during use. This unique design captures all the ink on the flood stroke, saving time for the operator by not having to move ink off the sides of the screen manually.

All G.P.I. aluminum floodbars are designed with tapered tips for smooth spreading of ink across the screen, fast operation and easy clean-up, including presses from Advance/American’s multi-printers, such as Centurian, Horizon, Cameo, Tempo, Daytona, Viking; as well as other equipment manufacturers, such as TUF, MFM, M&R, or any press with a one-inch holding bar. G.P.I.’s floodbar is also available with stainless spring steel. Other press accessories include frame holder clamps, 3-dimensional squeegee holders are designed for mounting on 3-Dimensional screen printers including A.W.T.’s Print-A-Round, Advance/American’s AM-180, Phase-4 and Dubuit’s D-150 models. U-clamp squeegee holders fit both old and new presses.

For more information on squeegee holders and floodbars contact, Graphic Parts International, Inc., 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641 at 773.725.4900 or 800.444.PART (7278); by fax 773.777.0909 or email at parts@gpiparts.com. You can also visit their website at http://www.gpiparts.com for more information.


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