Study: In-Store Marketing Guides Most Purchase Decisions

Nearly one in six brand purchases are made when a display with that brand is present in store.

Big news for those who print P-O-P and other types of retail displays: A recent study conducted by the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) indicates that 76% of purchase decisions are made in store.

POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study used EEG, eye-tracking technology, and in-store shopper interviews to arrive at that figure. According to POPAI, nearly one in six brand purchases are made when a display with that brand is present in store. POPAI also notes that effective marketing captures buyers’ valuable attention and, in doing so, converts that interest into purchases.

Published findings report that 13% of eye fixations were made on in-store displays; 66% of all observed grabs resulted in a purchase, which POPAI says underscores the importance of capturing the shoppers’ attention and getting them engaged with the product.

The study involved the use of auditors who took inventory of in-store display materials present in each store each morning prior to the start of interviewing. Data included display type, location, placement, other variables, category and brand the display is advertising, static vs. motion, product vs. no product, whether it is interactive or not, and whether it has video or audio.

“Even as other emerging mediums and technologies alter the path to purchase landscape, this study underscores the importance of planning the in-store experience to win over shoppers where it matters most—the point of purchase,” says Richard Winter, president of POPAI.

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