Superior Builds Largest Sign in North Dakota

Sign visible by satellite

Bismarck, ND-based Superior Silk Screen has built what they believe to be the largest sign in the state of North Dakota, 6250 sq ft (62 ft x 100 ft), and applied it to their roof. The self-promoting sign claims that to find a source for the best printed shirts on the Web, contact their company at

“Our building is just off the flight pattern for our local airport, less than a mile away,” says owner Dwight Hegel.

Hegel doesn’t waste time. “On Monday I thought it would be fun to put something on our roof. On Tuesday we did some Google Earth and Maps research, talked to local pilots, and checked on material availability and costs for a satellite-visible-sized sign. By Wednesday, we ordered materials for the project, made arrangements to film its production, and aligned a 130-ft boom to mount a video camera on for filming the installation for You Tube and Facebook. By Thursday, employees cut and printed all of the parts. Friday called for cutting, trimming, and masking parts for our multimedia extravaganza promotion.” In one week, on September 11, after battling heavy winds, the project was finished.

Superior Silk Screen is a garment-printing firm. The company produced its roof sign in sections using a Mimaki JV3, a 54-in.-wide solvent inkjet printer on a vinyl substrate. To see the production of the section-by-section printing and final time-lapsed application, search YouTube for the video, entitled “Largest Sign in North Dakota.”

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