Textile Edition Added to Onyx 11 Software

Onyx also announces expansion of its product offerings in the Professional Services market.

Onyx (onyxgfx.com) announced the addition of a Textile Edition to its Onyx 11 software. Available as an edition for the company’s Onyx RIPCenter, PosterShop, and ProductionHouse packages as well as a module for Onyx Thrive software, the software is designed to streamline job prep for textile applications. Features include: Onyx Step & Repeat, to create edge-to-edge fabric and wallcovering designs from one repeatable image; a Colorways tool, to create patterns in multiple colors from a single file; a Swatch Book tool for color matching; Ink Configuration Builder, for custom ink configurations for various textile applications; ChromaBoost technology, for expanded color gamuts; and more.

Onyx also has announced an expansion of its product offerings in the Professional Services market. The company will now offer personalized, custom, on-site workflow and color-management consulting.
Specific services include:

• Color Management and Profiling: A professional consultant will be on-site for two days covering color-management essentials (calibration, the basics of ICC profiles) as well as the creation of custom ICC profiles for a shop’s printer and media, how to use color devices, profiling difficult media, and more.

• Installation and Workflow Assessment: On-site assessment of existing systems and tools, plus recommendations for improvements in current workflows. Also: configuration of printers and other devices, as well as software training for production operators.

• Web-Based Learning: Shops can create their own customized training curriculum via instructor-led Web-based learning. Sessions include: Workflow Fundamentals; RIP Fundamentals; File Prep for Print; Advanced Cut Server; Advanced Job Editor; and others. Video On-Demand training is also available.


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