The Big Picture Premier Printer Guide is Launched

New online interactive tool allows print providers to view and compare a range of wide-format products across key specs and features.

The Big Picture, sister publicatino to Screen Printing, has launched The Big Picture Premier Printer Guide – its new online platform that allows print service providers to access in-depth data and specs on wide-format printers across the marketplace, and evaluate that hardware for use in their operations.

Designed to provide the wide-format print market with a comprehensive resource that will help companies make educated decisions when investing in wide-format printing solutions, the Premier Printer Guide – – enables users to view and compare a range of wide-format printers – currently available as well as legacy models – across key specs and features, while also providing a single location to stay up-to-date on important industry news. In addition, the new tool provides a subjective view of each system, by citing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for many of the machines. In creating the Premier Printer Guide, The Big Picture has partnered with InfoTrends, the worldwide market-research and strategic consulting firm.

“The Big Picture Premier Printer Guide is the culmination of our quest for the ultimate tool that can help print providers find the perfect wide-format printer for their operation,” says Gregory Sharpless, editor-in-chief of The Big Picture. “For over a decade, we have produced our printer charts in the print edition of our publication, and then transitioned to our annual online Printer Sourcebook – but as helpful those resources have been, they remain a static medium. Now, however, we are able to offer print providers with the be-all, end-all of interactive online tools for printer research: The Big Picture Premier Printer Guide.”

“We’re excited about working with The Big Picture magazine and ST Media on this because our research indicates one of the biggest challenges that PSPs face is staying current with wide-format printing equipment and technology options,” reports InfoTrends. “Combining the former annual Printer Sourcebook from The Big Picture, a ‘go-to’ resource for the industry, with a more dynamic and visual comparison tool powered by InfoTrends will only strengthen this position.”

Registration for The Big Picture Premier Printer Guide is free. The Guide’s features include:

  • Compare and contrast similar wide-format printers (current and legacy machines); access up-to-date specs and detailed data on hundreds of wide-format printers;
  • Evaluate models in all market segments: graphics/signage, proofing/creative, and technical/CAD;
  • Easy-to-use interface and customizable dashboard;
  • In-app widgets to show recently updated and recently viewed products, in addition to 1-click access to saved product comparisons;
  • Track the progress of a product through news releases that show its introduction, promotion at trade shows, key customer placements, and any subsequent updates;
  • Obtain an array of product literature to share with colleagues; and
  • Stay up-to-date on printers, products, and the wide-format industry via The Big Picture’s news and Twitter feeds.


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