The Innovation Issue

A deep dive into important technologies in the industry today.

It begins with an outrageous idea. An outsider with an unjaded viewpoint that isn’t encumbered by the legacy of how things have always been done sees something that everyone in the business has overlooked. A veteran’s synapses briefly cross-circuit, connecting two disparate thoughts and unifying them into something wholly unexpected.

It’s innovation – a process we hope to nurture in our own businesses as we scramble to identify and evaluate new technologies that present themselves at an increasingly blinding rate. And, as we will see, it is a phenomenon that can demand extraordinary patience, both from those who develop these ideas as well as those who invest in them.

In our special Innovation Issue, we present a collection of expert essays on an important technology in the industry today:

Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Adopting an Innovation

The Advent of CTS Technology

The Dawn of Simulated Process Color

When Single Pass Took Flight

Innovation in Prepress

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