Training for Tomorrow’s Printers

The seeds you plant today can make all the difference to a student seeking a career in the future.

In a Digital Printing Linked in discussion, a high school teacher in New England wanted to know how he could prepare his class of graduating seniors in the graphic communications printing program to help them find a job after graduation.
The comments were more than interesting. One person said that students shouldn’t worry about developing the skills needed to operate wide-format printing or any digital inkjet press. He suggested that educating students about MIS and Business Process Automation software would be a better type of training and that Caldera, his company, would be happy to help. Now that’s a great outreach to a sincere request for help.
Others in the discussion agreed that today there are many different methods, processes, and technologies that can be used to create a given result. The more a future employee can experience and learn about before they actually join the workforce, the better off they are. A broad range of technology and solutions, he contends, along with MIS and automation software is critical, and most agreed.
Most all of the companies that I’ve gotten to know wholeheartedly teach their customers, and anyone else sincerely interested in their technology. (I’ve asked them enough questions myself to know.) Perhaps the best programs to get students ready for the workplace are those that are on-the-job, work study programs (paid or unpaid). If you don’t already open your doors to students, please consider it.
Speaking as a former teacher, the seeds you plant today can make all the difference to a student seeking training, exposure, expertise, or just a reference from a reputable company.


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