Ulano's Orange Ultra-Fast Textile Emulsion

Ready-to-use, SBQ-sensitized system designed for high-volume textile printers

Designed for high-volume textile-printing operations as well as those with fluorescent screen-exposure systems and other low-intensity light sources, Orange Ultra-Fast is a ready-to-use SBQ-sensitized direct emulsion formulated with a masking color that reduces light scatter during exposure. According to Ulano (www.ulano.com), the high-contrast color of the emulsion improves stencil resolution and definition, and permits shops to use less-expensive white (rather than dyed) mesh. Orange is a high-solids (44-46%) emulsion that reduces coating time because of its high viscosity, as well as screen-exposure time due to its high photosensitivity, while still offering wide exposure latitude. The company reports that Orange produces durable stencils that will not become tacky under high-humidity conditions and that have excellent wet strength. The stencils resist plastisol inks, some water-based inks, and many screen-washing chemicals.

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