Ulano's Platinum Pure Photopolmer Emulsion

Ready-to-use emulsion designed for textile applications.

The new Platinum pure-photopolymer direct emulsion from Ulano (www.ulano.com) is an SBQ-sensitized, ready-to-use system for imprinted sportswear and other textile applications. Designed to expose very quickly, Platinum permits printers to use less costly white mesh without losing fine lines and details in the image, according to Ulano. Platinum is suitable for CTS exposure systems and reportedly offers good wet strength, exposure latitude, and durability. It has a high solids content to allow for better mesh bridging and good edge definition. The emulsion offers a high resistance to humidity and resists most plastisol inks and washup solvents. With an optional diazo additive, it can also resist water-based and discharge inks.

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