UV Flatbed Printer

Seiko Instruments USA (www.seiko-i.com) launched the Jetrix 1212FK UV flatbed printer.

Seiko Instruments USA has launched a new highspeed, high-resolution UV Flatbed printer called the Jetrix 1212FK. The new UV flatbed printer will be available exclusively through Seiko's national network of ColorPainter printer resellers.

The Jetrix 1212FK UV flatbed printer is a medium-format, 4’x4’ flatbed printer aimed at screenprinters, product manufacturers, POP displaymakers, packaging manufacturers, awards & engravers, and signmakers that do not need or want a 4’x8’ sheet printer. The printer includes 6 high resolution Konica 1024 print heads featuring 1,024 nozzles that can print up to 284 sfph (26 m2ph) at 1200 dpi with small 6 picoliter drop sizes. It
includes full 3 layer white capability and offers an extremely strong and flat steel flatbed.

The Jetrix 1212FK offers high resolution, fast speeds, and outstanding colors and adhesion on a wide array of substrates – consistent with the ColorPainter printer family’s strengths.

Jetrix 1212FK printers are available for deliver after April 15th, 2013.

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