UV Inkjet Printers

Durst US

Durst expanded its line of UV printers with the addition of the Rho 1000 UV printer, Rho 500R roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer, and the Rho 800 HS UV flatbed printer. The Rho 1000 can be integrated into existing manufacturing processes and features a maximum output of up to 600 boards/hr (4 x 2.6 ft, 1.2 x 0.80 m). The Rho 1000 can print on sheets, boards, and roll media; requires no masking; and can be loaded and unloaded using screen-printing methods and systems. The Rho 500R is a 16.4-ft (5-m), roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer that uses a six-color inkset. The Rho 500R can also print three 5.25-ft (1.6-m) rolls together. The printer is equipped with a carriage system, linear-motor-drive technology, Quadro Array technology with 2048 nozzles/color, built-in sensors, and a specially designed media-transport system. The segmented shaft is incremented using laser technology, is designed not to sag, and is constructed of a special aluminum alloy. It uses VOC-free UV Rho Roll Ink, which is accredited with Nordic Swan certification. The Rho 800 HS is a version of the Rho 800 that’s designed to increase production by 80%. Features include the capability for continuous board printing and Quadro Array technology with 2048 nozzles/color, which reportedly almost doubles production output over the standard Rho 800 Presto to a maximum of 216 boards/hr (4 x 2.6 ft). Durst says the machine also will print light colors without loss of speed. The Rho 800 HS is equipped with mechanical front stops to allow for parallel printing of boards. The front stops also reportedly help to provide perfect print registration on long boards. Maximum print width is 8 ft (2.4 m) by any length. Durst US, 50 Methodist Hill Dr., Ste. 100, Rochester, NY 14623, 585-486-0340, fax: 585-486-0350, Web: www.durstus.com.

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