Vanguard Adds UV Flatbed Model

VK300D prints on materials up to 4 inches thick.

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems has expanded its fledgling portfolio with the VK300D UV flatbed printer. Featuring an 8.5-in. print swath using 2656-nozzle Kyocera printheads with 4- to 12-pL droplet sizes, the machine reportedly prints up to 40 boards/hr. The 1800-dpi (apparent resolution) VK300D prints on substrates up to 61 x 123 in. and up to 4 in. thick, and offers CMYK + white, with a G7-certified color gamut.

Features include CureGuard, an adjustable LED-curing technology for a wide variety of substrates; front-to-back and back-to-front printing to increase productivity by eliminating the need for the print carriage to return to the starting point; and StaticGuard anti-static bars.

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