Vastex Adds Pin Registration System

Designed for side-clamp presses.

Vastex has added the VRS Pin Registration System for side-clamp presses. The system allows film positives to be registered onto screens off-press; the company reports screens can then be aligned on the press in roughly 2.5 min.

The system is comprised of a freestanding 21 x 26-in. pin board with two positioning pins and a layout graph with guidelines. A separate standard platen jig fits on platens with side clamps. The pin board indicates standard and oversized shirt outlines, pocket placement, distance from neckline, and the central 12-in. area where T-shirt art is typically placed.

Once screens are exposed, the jig is secured to one platen, holding each screen against the rubber stops before being secured to the side clamp of each printhead, maintaining screen-to-screen registration.

The system is compatible with wood, aluminum, and retensionable screens up to 23 x 31 in. wide and platens ranging from 14 to 21 in. wide. It reportedly works with most makes and models of side-clamp presses.

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