Water-Based Ink Cleaner

Easily clean dried water-based inks with Franmar’s Aqua Wash

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to wash dried water based inks off screens. Now the impossible is possible with Franmar Chemical, Inc.’s announcement of the release of its latest product, Aqua-Wash.
Screen printers are celebrating the virtues of the softness and texture that water based inks provide when applied to clothing. While working with these inks, printers quickly learn that different brands of ink, even different colors within the same brands, dry differently. The variance in drying times with these new inks sometimes leaves screen printers with the task of cleaning up far more mess than they anticipated. This is where Aqua Wash comes in.
Aqua Wash Water Based Ink Cleaner has the same great benefits found in Franmar’s line of signature screen cleaners; cleaning without the odor of traditional cleaners, 100% biodegradable, drain safe, and non caustic are all properties that make Franmar products really stand out. All it takes is a few sprays on the screen, a scrub with a pad, and the ink will wash down the drain with water.
Aqua Wash is now available for purchase at distributors nationwide or at Customers can also call Franmar’s Customer Service at 1-800-538-5069 to locate a nearby distributor or to purchase directly.
Franmar Chemical, Inc.  develops effective, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions which are both economical and safe. They are best known in the screen printing industry for the creation of BEAN-e-doo®, a break-through formula that enables printers to complete tasks without harmful odors or health risk.
Franmar now offers natural products that are effectively used across multiple industries, including decorative concrete, remodeling, restoration, road construction, asphalt, carpet and tile removal, building maintenance, automotive, marine/boating and hazardous waste removal (asbestos/lead).
For nearly 30 years, Franmar innovation has been managed by the husband and wife team of Frank and Marilyn Sliney. Throughout the company history, Franmar has worked closely with, and received research and development funds from, the United Soybean Board ( ). Its farmer members participate in the soybean checkoff whereby they collectively invest a portion of their profits to fund soy research and promotion.
For more information about Franmar Chemical, call 1-800-538-5069, visit, join them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter


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