Who Lights Your Fire?

Preserve the ideas and examples that inspire you.

The world lost a cultural icon this week with the passing of Ray Manzarek. The founding keyboardist of The Doors lost his battle with cancer, but the bulk of his musical legacy lives on in numerous recordings of his legendary band. We're fortunate to have such documentation of a pivotal time in American music and its role in the major changes taking place in society at large at the time. We're fortunate to be able to access the works of this remarkable musician, composer, arranger, and producer -- and do so on demand.

The screen-printing industry is, indeed, lucky to have a fair number of Ray Manzarek types still active in the game. These folks aren't afraid to teach the trade to those who want to learn -- to share their secrets with screen printers who want to do better and do more with the art and craft that's responsible for the production of so many things we enjoy daily.

Each time a huge figure in the world departs, whether it's in music or T-shirt printing, we grow a bit poorer. That's why it's essential to listen, observe, and learn while you can. Preserve the ideas and examples that inspire you. Screen Printing magazine is very fortunate to be able to publish some very experienced, passionate voices from this unique and dynamic industry, and many readers keep archives of back issues for that reason -- but it shouldn't stop there. Go out of your way to engage the experts in the field when you see them at trade shows. Call them. Send them an e-mail. Most are happy to assist in great detail if it means keeping the trade alive and growing.

"Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
They're going to destroy our casual joys
We shall go on playing or find a new town."

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