Wide-Format Hybrid Inkjet Printer


Mutoh (www.mutoh.com) announces the arrival of its ValueJet 1608HA hybrid inkjet printer. Described as the next generation of hybrid inkjet printing, the ValueJet 1608HA operates without the use of a compressor; instead, it includes what Mutoh specifies as a medical-grade air pump to drive the heated air nozzles. Hot-air-nozzle controllers are integrated into the printer thus enabling their management from the RIP or control panel. The ValueJet 1608HA supports imaging resolutions up to 1440 dpi and uses Epson printhead technology to deliver five variable dot sizes. The printer uses MUBIO ink, which is formulated without VOCs, supplied in 880-ml packs. The four-color ValueJet 1608HA also features automatic media-thickness detection.

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