Wide-Format Screen/Digital Printing System


Thieme (www.thieme.eu) recently launched the :M-Press Tiger, billed as the next generation of the :M-Press system that the company developed in cooperation with Agfa. The :M-Press Tiger facilitates the combination of screen and digital printing inline and can be operated as a fully automated system. It uses Agfa :Anuvia UV inks (CMYK) and supports speeds of more than 165 sheets/hr, or approximately 700 sq m/hr, at a maximum print size of 1600 mm x 2600 mm. The :M-Press Tiger is equipped with 64 dual-color printheads that support 12- to 24-pl drop sizes and offer imaging resolutions up to 720 dpi. Thieme screen-printing stations can be installed in front of and/or behind the inkjet station. A typical setup in sequential order includes substrate input, feed section, inlet, print section, inline screen printing, dryer, conveyor, and stacker. The press’s standard vacuum table offers three different vacuum zones. The optional Universal Print Table offers 48 different vacuum zones.

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