Wide-Format UV Light Sytem

Phoseon Technology/Lüscher

Phoseon's wide-format RX UV light system is now a part of the Lüscher JetPrint 3530 flatbed UV inkjet printer. Phoseon worked with Lüscher AG to develop the RX technology to meet what the companies describe as stringent image-quality and reliability requirements for Lüscher's new wide-format printer. Phoseon says development of the RX UV light focused on the "pinning" capability of the UV ink system, which results in the capability to print at high speeds with vibrant print quality, excellent uniformity, and high gloss. Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology integrates thousands of individual semiconductor UV emitters into a bulbless UV-curing system designe with electronic intensity control, integrated micro-optics, and cooling systems. SLM technology can emit UV at high intensity and low heat without ozone or mercury. The light system, as implemented for Lüscher printers, includes three independently controlled 19.7-in.-long (0.5-m-long) UV light heads. Phoseon Technology, 7425 NW Evergreen Pkwy., Hillsboro, OR 97124, 503-439-6446, fax: 503-439-6408, e-mail: info@phoseon.com, Web: www.phoseon.com. Lüscher AG is located at Dorfstrasse 18, CH-5725 Leutwil, Switzerland, 41-62-767-76-77, fax: 41-62-767-76-76, Web: www.luescher.com.

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