Wielengas Purchase Ramstar Mills

Ramstar Mills, Inc. announced that Ruth and Bob Wielenga have purchased the company in its entirety. The Wielengas have been manufacturing safety apparel and other safety-related products for the past 12 years and intend to expand Ramstar’s offering of ANSI-compliant apparel and resume the manufacture of cotton T-shirts.

Ramstar says that for the immediate future, its product offering will remain the same with the exception of HydroWick Huggers (offered at closeout prices of 50% off), all cotton products (offered at closeout prices of 50% off), and the 9800 vest and 9900 pants, which will be phased out and replaced with new vests. For more information, contact Ramstar Mills at 800-327-2303, Web: www.ramstar.com.

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