Winning in Diecutting

A guide to help you select the best diecutting presses and ancillary equipment, choose appropriate diemaking options, and train employees properly.

"Business is a game, and winning that game is a total blast." This was one of many memorable quotes from Jack Welch's new book, entitled Winning. You may know Jack Welch from his career as CEO of General Electric. I saw a direct correlation between what he discussed in his book and how we can approach our daily business in the screen-printing industry, particularly when the diecutting process is part of our production mix.

I have witnessed many changes in diecutting and diemaking in my more than 50 years of involvement in the industry. We used to make our own products and sell them in our own country. Jobs became lifetime commitments with customers. Our companies competed against one another on a somewhat level playing field as far as wages were concerned. Today, in our global marketplace, we have to compete with wages from low-cost nations, products made in far-off locations, and a whole new dynamic of competitive pressures. Our old ways of doing things

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