Workhorse Products Releases New Version of Flashback

A more versatile shuttle flash-curing unit.

Workhorse Products has released a new version of Flashback, a shuttle flash-curing unit that eliminates the need to dedicate a printhead to flashing.

Changes were designed to improve Flashback’s versatility. While the original unit attached to the press, the new version is mounted on a stand with locking casters that allows it to be rolled to other stations. It is adjustable in height and compatible with the company’s Freedom, Javelin, and Sabre automatic presses. A fourth fan has also been added to increase airflow and improve the unit’s performance with water-based, discharge, specialty, and eco-friendly inks.

Flashback has the ability to print, flash, and cool; it can also be used as a traditional standalone flash. The thin quartz heating element flash cures garments at 1000° and built-in turbo fans the garment after each flash. The unit features four modes: print/flash; print/print/flash; print/flash/print; and print/flash/print/flash.

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