Workhorse Products' Small-Format Tag Printer

Automatic screen press can also be used to print beverage coolers, CD cases, and more

The Cutlass automatic tag-printing press from Workhorse Products ( allows garment printers to expand into promotional products and accessories without tying up their production equipment. It can be used to print foam-beverage holders, CD cases, portfolios, and tablet sleeves in addition to garment-related applications such as pockets, shorts, and hoodies. The six-station printer’s standard configuration includes two print stations, two built-in quartz flash units, and one station each for loading and unloading, but can be customized. Three standard gripper-type platen systems are available for shorts, pockets, and jackets, each with the ability to accommodate a range of other substrates. The Cutlass has a standard mount-and-level system, central off-contact control, individually adjustable flash-curing units, and full-color touch-screen control panel.

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