Zünd Announces Its Decision to Withdraw from the Digital Printer Market

Zünd Focused Resources on Further Developing and Optimizing Multifunctional Digital Cutting and Routing Technologies

Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Rhine Valley, Switzerland, announced its decision to withdraw from the digital printer market and explore opportunities arising from the combination of digital printing and finishing. The company says it has focused its resources on further developing and optimizing multifunctional digital cutting and routing technologies.

As a result of the redirection, Zünd streamlined the dots of the German umlaut to create a look that the company says is more dynamic and international. Additionally, the new color scheme reflects Zünd’s innovative spirit, vitality, and uncompromising commitment to quality, while remaining consistent with the company’s Swiss roots.

Zünd also updated its Website at www.zund.com. Improved layout, structure, ergonomics, and visual content are new features, as well as new functionalities. Customers can access product-specific documents through “related documents” links from any of the applications or specifications pages. New videos also have been added.

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