InkSoft Free Team and Fans Marketing Kit and Blog Offers Help Maximizing Sales


In times like these, decorators can use all the help they can get figuring out how to capture as much business as possible and adapt their businesses to the new normal. InkSoft recently put together an educational blog and is offering a free marketing kit targeted to teams and fans. 

In this blog and kit are proven strategies and techniques for how to pitch to teams and organizations that no longer have seasons planned. It offers ideas for getting fans and communities excited about sports apparel.

Learn how to promote apparel, not just for its functionality but what it signifies. The unwavering spirit, determination, and love of the game that’s present in every community across America. 

To sign up to receive the free Team and Fan Marketing kit, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

For more information, contact InkSoft at (800) 410-3048; email: or visit the website at