InkSoft Offers Custom Pages Feature For Maximizing Website Potential


When designing a website, template software saves a lot of time and energy getting it to look good and work together. But to make your business really stand out, you want to have the flexibility to create unique pages that tell your story and educate your customers. 

This is why InkSoft created its Custom Pages feature as a part of its website creation software. With this easy-to-use page setup framework, you can add what you need to win more sales and market your brand more effectively. Whether it’s an “About Us,” page, a seasonal campaign or a targeted landing page, you ensure it showcases all the right things and targets all the right niches. 

InkSoft recently released a new video that quickly walks you through how to use Custom Pages to your best advantage. It explains all the tools and technology that will allow you to leverage your website for the greatest long-term success. 

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