Shirt Lab Summit Registration Opens

Shirt Lab

Shirt Lab founders Tom Rauen and Marshall Atkinson have brought together an incredible lineup of the best and the brightest people for a unique and free online education experience.

The Shirt Lab Summit will be held completely online from June 1 through June 3, 2020. Each day will be themed for Sales, Marketing, or Operations. 

Day 1 - Sales: Bruce Ackerman, Roger Burnett, Mark Coudray, Dana Derricks, Todd Downing, Josh
Ellsworth, Jarrod Hennis, Todd Moen, Aaron Montgomery, Ken Seidl, Brad White, and Tim Williams

Day 2 - Marketing: Dan Carr, Shelby Craig, Charity Gibson, JP Hunt, Greg Kitson, Rock LaManna, Justin Lawrence, Ryan Moor, Adrienne Palmer, and Bill Petrie.


Day 3 - Operations: Dane Clement, Scott Fresener, Mark Gervais, Alan Howe, Joyce Jagger, Marci Kinter, Jesse Martinez, Tiffany Rader Spitzer, Charlie Taublieb, Brian Walker, and Lon Winters.

Here is the official Shirt Lab Summit Event Guide.

Shirt Lab Summit is free, but attendees may purchase lifetime access to the videos, transcripts, audio files, and other upgrades if they wish.

All live Shirt Lab sales and marketing events have been moved to 2021. Shirt Lab Dallas will be March 19-20, 2021. The Shirt Lab Chicago Women's Nexus will be held on June 5, 2021. 

To register for the Shirt Lab Summit to go