TS Designs Supporting Equity to Create Strong Communities

TS Designs

TS Designs President Eric Henry says:

“A community cannot be successful unless everyone in that community has an opportunity to participate. One step in doing this is to tear down any and all barriers pertaining to race, gender, religion and income. Diversity builds strength and resiliency in our communities so we have to work together to move past the fear that diversity sometimes causes. We have to move beyond words and create action. I’m committed to building these bridges at T.S. Designs and in our community. Together we are resilient.”

To support positive progress on racial equity locally during these times of protest and unrest, TS Designs is committing a portion of its mask sales to support the Alamance Racial Equity Alliance (A.R.E.A.). A.R.E.A is a community of anti-racist people encouraging the transformation of thought through collective learning, meaningful relationships, and community events.

- The TS Designs Team