Workhorse Updated Mach Manual Press

Features increased registration accuracy and improved stability.

Screen Printing Editor

Workhorse has updated its Mach manual screen-printing press series with increased registration accuracy and improved stability. The press’s aluminum printhead offers easy-to-adjust handles and knobs with spring-loaded adjustments for minimal backlash and responsive X, Y, and Z microregistration, as well as tool-free, dial-in, off contact screen angle adjustment. A compression spring cartridge offers smooth printhead movement while maintaining uniform pressure. A honeycomb-design upper turret provides efficient screen rotation, and a quick-release pallet and bracket system offers quick changeovers and pallet compatibility with other presses. Users can choose optional cap, jacket, sign, can koozie, and pocket attachments. The Mach line is available in 6 colors/four stations, 6 colors/six stations, 8 colors/six stations, and 8 colors/eight stations.

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